Creating Wealth is about being a good investor first and our mission is to help you become a good Long-term Investor


To Be Your Trusted Partner in Helping You to Achieve Your Potential and Aspiration.


To Provide Solutions Matching Your Requirements So You Can Achieve Your Goals and Aspiration with Peace of Mind and Enjoy Your Life.

»Our Guiding Philosophy

Our investments should be boring and life Exciting and not vice versa.

»Rks Wealth

A leading Personal Financial Advisory company based in Gwalior with over 15-year experience with clients all over India and outside India.
We are a company promoted by young professionals with a vision to place the organization among the best Financial Service Providers. Our main endeavor is to provide solutions to our clients, after assessing the requirements of the clients, by understanding their goals and aspirations along with their Risk profile, return Expectations to achieve those aspirations, liquidity & tax liability. Our orientation is always towards enhancing our customer service standards.
Rks Wealth is one of the leading players in the Indian financial services space. We offer advice and execution platform for the entire range of financial services covering From Mutual fund, Fixed deposits, Health and life Insurance, Zero Brokerage Equities & derivatives trading, Bonds NCDs and Post office small savings to Loan against Securities.
Rks Wealth is committed to its independence and works exclusively for the benefit of its clients without any conflicting interests. It provides Client centric services with full transparency and dedication.
Rks Wealth strives to provide consistent superior risk-adjusted returns to its clients and a unique wealth management experience in the industry.
We have a unique Client Centric Service Model so as to help their Clients to select the combination of various services required by them.


Rks Wealth comprises of top investment professionals with outstanding academic and professional backgrounds. Each Employee has extensive experience at leading financial institutions and maintains a specific expertise in trading, portfolio management, risk analysis, compliances and taxes. Consequently, Rks Wealth can provide its clients with comprehensive and specialized investment solutions.


We, at Rks Wealth, are committed to provide a process and system driven atmosphere and culture to our members by adjusting and adapting to their changing needs and market dynamics and thereby providing them tailor made solutions satisfying their specific needs.